Expansion Joints

We offer expansion joints:

  • Axial
  • Angular
  • Lateral
  • Universal
  • Axial - stabilized by external pressure
  • Pump connectors
  • Special design


Metal Expansion Joints

       We supply all types of standard, specific circle and rectangular expansion joints manufactured in various material compositions. Expansion joint core consists of multiple ply bellows made of standard materials: 1.4551/1.4301 (AISI-321/AISI-304) or custom MADE material. Connecting parts may be manufactured of the same material or carbon steel / A53/106Gr.B/1.0254 possibly EQ. Expansion joints may be supplied with protection rods and other reaction forces limit rods. We can supply thermal protection, insulation for longer service life as these parts are exposed to excessive heat. We supply axial, angular, lateral, universal expansion joints, pump connectors, axial expansion joints stabilized by external pressure, and custom made expansion joints.

Rubber Expansion Joints

       We supply rubber expansion joints for various industries such as petrochemical industry, chemical, paper industry, food industry etc.. Expansion joints can absorb thermal expansion and vibrations of high pressure pipelines. They are designed to protect high loaded appliances such as pumps, valves, compressors, etc. against thermal tensibility and mechanical pressure. Other advantages include corrosion and abrasion resistance. Rubber expansion joints present an important part of energy appliances thanks to their high thermal tensibility capacity in pipeline systems (cooling water, air, etc.) Great advantage comparing to other compensators is their price, simple installation with flanges and low maintenance costs. Rubber expansion joints require less room than stainless steel expansion joints and provide higher flexibility thanks to their elasticity and adaptability.  

Fabric Expansion Joints

       Soft fabric expansion joints are used in various energy, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, forgeries and many others.  Fabric expansion joints absorb piping system expansion and vibrations. They are designed to carry various medium such as gas, air, flue, flue gas, solvent vapours containing acids, medium containing abrasive particles, etc.. They are used as all-purpose fire protection fabrics applied as fittings for buildings expansions. Expansion joints are supplied with ETK DIN 4102 certification of 90 minutes and more. Expansion joint consists of multiply thermal and anti-corrosion fabrics, gas proof PTFE and aluminium foil. Fabric expansion joints can be supplied custom made with inner liner.

PTFE Expansion Joints

       PTFE Expansion joints are made of wrapped, thick wall ring PTFE tube with flanges. Reinforcement rings made of acid proof steel are fitted on inner wall of PTFE bellows. Galvanized carbon steel or acid proof steel flanges are manufactured according to EN norms or ASA 150. Maximum working pressure for PTFE expansion joint is PN10. Thanks to their characteristics such as great elasticity, excellent thermo-chemical resistance and easy cleaning, PTFE expansion joints are suitable for use in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.